Designing a Landing Page: What You Need to Know

The first time you look at designing a landing page, the task may seem daunting. If you aren’t familiar with the finer points of design, form creation, content creation, or search engine optimization, it feels like looking up a tall mountain you need to climb. Don’t worry though – we’re going to take you from the mountain base to the summit (no climbing gear required!). Let’s get our footing first by starting where every good landing page does: content.

Do I Need a Managed Email Marketing Solution?

If you’re starting to ask whether or not you need a managed email marketing service, the answer may already be forming in front of you. Despite what you may hear some people saying, email marketing is still an extremely valuable tool to have in your marketing strategy. You may assume that many of the countless promotional emails that cloud your inbox are simply deleted as soon as they come in, but ROI for email is 122%!

What is CRM Software and How Can You Use It?

Wondering "What is CRM software" but afraid to ask? There has been an explosion of discussion in the past few years around CRM software and how it can help businesses of any size. Unfortunately, when some people hear “CRM”, a big question mark appears over their head. This leaves them with one less tool to improve their business, putting them at a disadvantage. If you fall into that category, don’t worry, we’re going to lay it all out. Let’s start with the basics: what is a CRM?

Channel Select Combinations Any Reseller Can Use

For many entrepreneurs, reselling marketing automation technology is great way to break into the market by providing packaged solutions. This not only saves them the time (and money) of developing the technology themselves, but allows them to instantly meet the needs of existing and potential clients. Unfortunately, the first step to becoming a reseller can sometimes be daunting, both in terms of offering and budget. With SimplyCast’s Channel Select White Label reseller program, you’re able to

Three New Year's Resolutions of a Learning Millennial

It’s that time of the year again – the clock struck midnight and everyone quietly made their resolutions with a head fuzzy from champagne. Every year I am among these people trying to decide on a personal resolution, whether it is being more active, not doing my laundry when I’m wearing my last clean t-shirt, and trying – TRYING – to wash my dishes right after I finish cooking. This year, I want to take a different approach. Instead of strictly personal undertakings, I’ve decided to create three mini-resolutions that I believe will help me grow as a professional.

Your Automation Resolution For The New Year

When the clock strikes midnight and the evening sky is lit up with fireworks punctuated with the popping of champagne corks, you’ll probably know what your resolution for 2018 will be. Maybe you’re committing to visit the gym more, to try to spend a little more time away from your phone, or pick up that guitar you haven’t touched in a few months. But what about your workplace resolution? What are you going to do in the new year that will expand your professional knowledge and help your team?

How Halifax Could Respond to the Halifax Explosion 100 Years Later

On the morning of December 6, 1917 two ships – one a relief vessel, the Imo, and the other, a munitions ship, the Mont-Blanc, – collided in Halifax’s Harbour. What resulted was one of the largest man-made explosions before the denotation of the atomic bomb. The explosion, soon to be titled the Halifax Explosion, caused untold decimation to one of Canada’s main port cities, leaving more than a thousand dead, more injured, and countless citizens without homes or shelter.

Handling a Medical Pandemic With Emergency Management Software

As of 5:09AM, you've received word that a highly contagious virus was diagnosed at a local hospital and reports of more cases have come flooding in. Panic and tensions are on the rise, prompting your city to activate its emergency operations center (EOC), and it's your job to combat an enemy you can't even see. Everyone from your social media coordinator to your local law enforcement official turn to you. On a whiteboard, you write out a four-phase plan.

What’s the Difference Between Channel Select White Label Reseller and White Label Reseller Program?

The word is out: SimplyCast now offers a new reseller program dubbed Channel Select White Label Reseller, placing it alongside SimplyCast’s Marketing Automation White Label Reseller program. But wait – both are white label reseller program, how can they be -that- different? Channel Select White Label Reseller, often referred to as Channel Select, is a program aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small businesses easily enter the reseller industry.

Opportunities for All Nova Scotian Students

As a global company, SimplyCast has always believed that the best way to help a business grow is by engaging innovative professionals with unique and diverse perspectives. SimplyCast has also been a part of the ongoing conversation happening in every city about retaining youth as they grow, attend post-secondary institutes, and become the workforce of tomorrow. That’s why SimplyCast offers cooperative opportunities to both local and international students such as Alex Lin. Originally from Xiam

Top Four Reasons You Should Offer Twitter Marketing Software

As companies continue to join social media with corporate profiles and pages, they are looking for reliable and versatile software that will allow their brand to expand its online presence without drawing time away from daily tasks. For many of these companies, Twitter marketing software is the answer. Not only does it provide an environment for planning and strategy, but allows campaigns to be created days, weeks, or months in advance with multimedia content while being closely monitored.
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